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Kayla Lau

Business Development Manager

Kayla Lau is Zetland's Business Development Manager. She lived in the United States for four years studying Business Management in New York.

Prior to her current position with Zetland, Kayla worked as a Manager for a Trust and Company Service Provider in Hong Kong. She advised Chinese and European companies and business owners on company secretarial, corporate governance and compliance matters, business licensing, Hong Kong and China immigration, visas and employment solutions. Kayla speaks fluent Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

In her spare time, Kayla is an avid adventurer and explorer of places, cultures and sights enjoying travelling, hiking and photography.

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Dominik Stuiber

Director and Zetland Group General Manager

Dominik received his Bachelor of Laws degree, with specialization in Business Law...

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Veronica Tam

Legal Counsel

Veronica Tam is Legal Counsel of Zetland Corporate Services Limited. Veronica studied law at the University of Nottingham and is a qualified Solicitor of England and Wales...

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Jessica Chak

Company Secretarial Manager

Jessica has more than ten years of experience in corporate services and company management, including eight years at management level. Before joining Zetland, she worked...

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Kenneth Au

Tax Director

Kenneth Au is a senior tax professional with more than 20 years’ experience. He is now the Tax Director of Zetland Tax Advisors Limited in charge of the tax and accounting department...

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Su Lee Chan

Managing Director

Su Lee is the Managing Director of Zetland Singapore. She is responsible for the client relationship, business development and general administration for the Singapore office...

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Tetyana Ashurova

Trust Officer

Tetyana started her professional career in Automotive Industry as a fleet leasing negotiator for private and corporate clients. In 2015, graduating with a Master’s...

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Gee Hee Yong

Business Development Director

Gee Hee Yong joins Zetland Singapore with an extensive network in the Agricultural Commodities. With more than 10 years experience...

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Anju Gidwani


Anju has joined Zetland Fiduciary Group as the General Manager of the Belize Office. She has over eight and a half years of experience in the offshore corporate services and banking industry in Belize...

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Phoebe Luo

General Manager

Phoebe Luo joined Zetland Fiduciary Group Limited in 2012 as General Manager of Shanghai office, she is responsible for the marketing and business development in China...

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Toko Ishigaki

Business Development Manager

Toko is a Japanese native who has lived in Hong Kong since 1998 for 21 years and heads the Japanese team. Prior to joining Zetland in 2013, she was in the...

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Harris Chui

Assistant Manager – Japanese Clients & Japan Liaison

Before joining Zetland, Harris has been working for seven years in the corporate services and business consulting industry with a global consulting firm. He is experienced serving Japan and China...

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Kelvin Wu

Accounting Manager

Kelvin joined Zetland Corporate Services Ltd in December 2006 as Accounting Manager. He is a graduate from City University of Hong Kong (Major in Accounting). Kelvin has over fifteen years...

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Alina Moroz

Business Development Executive

Alina is a Ukrainian native. She is a graduate from the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University in Ukraine and holds Master Degree in Law. Alina has had experience in working in legal...

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Kevin Lei

Tax Supervisor

Kevin Lei is an experienced tax consultant specialized in serving and advising on the tax compliance needs of UK expatriates and companies...

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Joyce Jiang


Joyce JIANG joined Zetland Fiduciary Group Limited in 2016 as Account Manager, Shanghai office. She is responsible for accounting, office operation and administration...

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Wilson Chien

Information Manager

Wilson joined Zetland Fiduciary Group as Information Manager of the head office in Hong Kong. He has over twenty years of experience in Information Technology area. Wilson was educated in Australia and...

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