Zetland Fiduciary Group


Established in 1987 and headquartered in Hong Kong with offices around the world, Zetland Fiduciary Group is a business consultancy offering personal service and professional advice in the areas of company formation, trust settlement, accounting and tax.

Zetland is the old Norse name for the Shetland Islands where our founder was born. Our aim is to continue the Scottish characteristics of intelligence and hard work in the service of clients.

Since inception, Zetland has been working with a select group of individuals and corporations to achieve their objective in a cost-effective, private and conservative manner. Zetland’s structures aim to discreetly assist clients to implement global strategies that maximize returns and preserve wealth. Zetland is privately owned and operates independently, while maintaining a worldwide network of banking and finance associates, professional advisers, correspondents and local agents.

Zetland staff are experienced professionals including qualified lawyers, accountants, tax specialists and company administrators. Brief details of key managers are to be found on our website. English is Zetland’s main operating language but staff have fluency in Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish.

The Zetland Logo

The Zetland logo is based on the Shetland flag that in turn is a blend of the distinctive Nordic and St. Andrew’s crosses. The Scottish tradition remains strong in Hong Kong with many bankers, businessmen and professionals from Scotland having contributed to the growth and development of the Special Administrative Region.

Zetland Logo

The Zetland Fiduciary Group operates through its main subsidiaries:

  1. Zetland Hong Kong provides fiduciary services including company formation and administration, bank account opening, client accounting and tax services, trust settlement administration, as well as general consultancy on international business. Zetland is a licensed trust and company service provider in Hong Kong.
  2. Zetland offices in Shanghai and Beijing assist with company formation, including the formation of WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) and corresponding administration, licesnses, and business solutions.
  3. Zetland Corporate Services Singapore is a Registered Filing Agent, and provides company formation, fiduciary and administration services and banking liaison in Singapore.
  4. Zetland Services UK Limited, is our office in London providing corporate and trustee services with onshore and offshore solutions.
  5. Hong Kong International Credit Limited is a licensed money lender in the Group.
  6. Zetland Tax Advisors specialises in professional tax advice for Hong Kong, USA, Australia and UK tax. It can also provide client and trust accounting services for clients.