Singapore and China Free Trade Agreement: How to Reduce Import Duties into China

China and Singapore have signed a bilateral free trade deal, which will allow greater market access for Singapore companies.

The agreement grants Singapore businesses preferential treatment, which leads to lower tariffs, for the export of certain goods.

Goods means any merchandise, product, article or material that may enter an importing country under non-discriminatory conditions. It is generally bound by measures such as tariffs, tariff rate quotas and quantitative restrictions.

In short, the China and Singapore Free Trade Agreement:
  • Eliminates tariffs for 95% of Singapore’s exports to China.
  • Allows for the third-party invoicing of goods.
  • Safeguards market access and ensures a more predictable operating environment.
  • Protects Singapore investors and investments in China.
  • Examples of Key Benefits

Processing products from a factory based in Singapore and exporting to China

Basic Duties2018
Roasted Coffee15%5%
Chilled Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna12%0%
Chilled Fresh Mackerel12%0%
Fresh Avocados25%0%
Fresh Mangoes15%0%

Target Audience

Agricultural plantation owners, coffee, fruit and Aquaculture exporter who are located within the range of 5000 km from Singapore.

With access to air or sea freight, Singapore can have an ideal platform to branding and packaging these products before exporting to China.

Making your Exports More Competitive

In a typical pricing model

Legend: Cost Insurance and Freight CIF

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) allow for freer flow of goods by giving economies involved in the agreement preferred access to each other's markets. Beyond import duties, FTAs can also allow for increased export quotas.

This exclusive treatment would thus give a greater advantage to exporters from Singapore, as compared to competitors from non-member countries.

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