How to Set up an Effective Family Trust under Offshore Compliance

Theme Family Trust Private Sharing Conference Successfully Held

ChinaOn 14th December, 2018, Zetland Fiduciary Group and Beijing King & Capital Family Trust Legal Affairs Center jointly held a private sharing conference themed "How to establish an effective family trust under offshore compliance". Many professionals in the domestic family trust industry were invited on this private sharing conference to have in-depth and extensive communication on what is a real family trust and how to establish an effective family trust under the offshore compliance from the perspective of law and practice.

The first speaker of the conference is Han Liang, a professor and doctoral supervisor from law school of Nankai University, and a lawyer of Beijing King & Capital Family Trust Legal Affairs Center.

With the increasing diversification, internationalization and integration of the asset allocation of high net worth individuals, the wealth inheritance demand of high net worth individuals is growing. Banks, trusts, law firms and third-party investment management institutions have begun to collocate and arrange the family trust business.

The family trust itself is a combination of identity, law, tax, and to adapt to the different circumstances of each customer, which is a very precise, comprehensive and private structure arrangement.

If the trust is not properly arranged and designed in this process, it may face the risk of being invalid and revoked.

On the conference, Professor Han based on the above situation to analyze the effective important conditions of the family trust law ,and contrast the function of "Chinese-style Family Trust" on the market with overseas traditional the Anglo-American Law System trust, and put forward suggestions on what is a real family trust and how to establish an effective trust.

Under the CRS and the new tax law challenges, Zetland Fiduciray Group's general manager Ms. Phoebe Luo as the second speaker, who analyzed the impact to China high net worth individuals and the structure of the offshore trust. Phoebe also introduced detaily and had a case sharing of offshore tax compliance optimization scheme and reasonable asset allocation under the impact of the CRS & FATCA.

At the same time, Ms Phoebe Luo also analyzed the wrong response to CRS in the current market from the perspective of being the core trustee of the trust, and showed the professional offshore trustee's response to CRS & FATCA to the participants with her years of practical case experience.

The private sharing conference lasted for 2 hours. After the Q&A, the participant guests had a break and communication with two speakers.

For further information, please feel free to contact Phoebe Luo at / +86 21 64272930

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